Traverse Dimensions but Don't Forget about Your Day Job in the Upcoming RPG Moonlighter

Posted by Evolve on Apr 11, 2018 | In: General News

Traverse Dimensions but Don't Forget about Your Day Job in the Upcoming RPG Moonlighter

Moonlighter is an upcoming action-RPG adventure that utilizes rogue-lite elements to reveal the day to day life of Will, a shopkeeper who secretly dreams of becoming a hero. While undergoing an archaeological excavation, a mysterious pair of Gates were discovered by the townspeople. After some investigation, it was deemed that these ancient passages had the capabilities of leading individuals into various unknown dimensions and realms. The quaint commercial village of Rynoka was found near the Gates, and soon became a hotbed for those wanting to partake in the reckless and gallant adventures these alternate dimensions could offer. With the promise of providing newfound treasures, the infamy of the Gates prevailed, and an industry of archaeologists began to boom.

The player's role as Will begins with at the village shop. During busy hours, various explorers will come pouring through the doors in the search for equipment that may ensure a more successful journey into the vast unknown. Items can be put up for sale, and their prices can be managed carefully as to maintain they are fair, and likely to be purchased. Players may recruit assistants to help around, and upgrade their shop as time goes on, and business remains successful. Though, given the popularity of the Gates, players can expect a fair share of mischievous individuals among the mix of explorers. Some shady folks may walk into your shop at any given moment and attempt to steal your wares, so it's imperative to keep a sharp eye out for any warning signs. A lack of sales means the shop is at risk, which is never good.

Becoming acquainted with Rynoka's regular customers has heaps of advantages. The more players can understand the needs of customers, the more personable they become. Some villagers will begin to ask the shopkeep for rare items that can only be found through participating in special quests. These often result in some handsome awards, so trying is usually in your best interest, no matter how difficult it may seem at first glance. Although it seems players are tending to the village, the villagers are also at your disposal given the necessity of crafting. Interacting with certain villagers leads to the ability to create new armor, provide the possibility to enchant existing equipment, and manufacturing new weapons. This can be a neat way to spice up the manner in which equipment is used, and offers more flexibility regarding options.

Now, the Gates. Players are not stuck with their shopkeep job for good and can explore the Gates just like everyone else. Although the often melancholic daytimes are spent working, Will is free to partake in exploration as soon as the shop closes during the night. During the time you're in other worlds, valuable weapons, armors, artifacts, and resources can be collected and later utilized through using the unique inventory-based abilities provided. The worlds inside the Gates are filled with enemies and bosses, meaning a deep combat system is implemented to ensure Will has a leg up on the mysteries that await. The combat mechanics can really be as complex as players like, considering the depth of interactions between timing, weapons, and positioning is up to the individual. It's best to feel more comfortable in the combat than powerful, so battling with your own style is the way to go. Each time Will steps into the gates, a new unique run takes place, and no two instances are exactly alike. This means the decision making within them requires players to think on their feet and be ready for anything these worlds might throw your way. Players should be prepared for anything, so inventory management and the equipment of a worthy weapon should always be taken into account before traversing into another realm. Will had dreamed of adventure since his infancy, but was stuck within a lineage of workers, and presumed duty would always come first in his life. Now that the Gates were at his disposal, Will's world was suddenly filled with excitement and purpose, proving that a little danger mixed with a steady job may be the perfect equation. Moonlighter will be available to play on all major platforms, with included Linux support, and can be purchased on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store beginning May 29.