Twin Mirror Trailer Reveals Key Gameplay Features and Early 2019 Release Date

Posted by Evolve on Aug 23, 2018 | In: General News

Twin Mirror Trailer Reveals Key Gameplay Features and Early 2019 Release Date

Dontnod's Twin Mirror got a nice little teaser trailer to announce it just before E3 2018 began. What we knew of it then was that it would be a mystery/thriller game in which you investigate what's happened to the protagonist after he lost his memory. It seemed trippy and mysterious, and the latest news on the game proves that's what it'll be going for. Publisher Bandai Namco has had a strong presence at Gamescom 2018 this year, and one of the many things they showed was a new trailer for Twin Mirror, as well as some very important gameplay details to showcase how it works. Before reading on, I think the best way to sum it up would be to compare it to other detective mysteries, as well as Swery65's quirky game Deadly Premonition.

Twin Mirror follows an investigative journalist named Sam, who wakes up one morning with no memory of what happened the night before. The only apparent clue available is the bloody shirt he finds himself wearing. Sam's mind works a little differently than an average person's, however. One of the gameplay mechanics Bandai Namco discussed was Sam's Mind Palace. Over the years in his career, Sam has trained himself to create his own personal Mind Palace that he can access and enter. It's a bizarre looking realm within his mind that allows him to access memories and details that would otherwise be forgotten, and use them to piece together clues. By utilizing this ability, Sam must dive into an investigation of what happened to him in an effort to discover the truth. Players will swap between the real world investigation and the Mind Palace in order to proceed.

This is what led Bandai Namco to reveal the other gameplay detail: The Double. While Sam's power is very useful, it leads to him seeing a projection of his inner-voice. This projection, the Double, looks exactly like Sam but with classier clothing and a more sarcastic personality. As you proceed through Twin Mirror and investigate what happened to you, the Double will appear at every corner prodding you along and making his own suggestions as to what you should do. Ultimately, it will be up to players to decide whether he can be trusted or whether they should just follow Sam's instincts. While it wasn't confirmed, this likely implies that the game features branching paths and endings. It would also fit the bill for Dontnod's games since Life is Strange and Vampyr both have similar choice-based gameplay and multiple endings.

Twin Mirror Senior Producer Fabrice Cambounet closed off the announcement with a few words. "We believe this is a good insight into our unique narrative approach, having gameplay features intertwined within the story we want to tell. We can't wait for the players to uncover the secrets hidden in Twin Mirror with the first episode in 2019!" Indeed, as his statement reveals, Twin Mirror will be episodic. There will be three episodes in total, and the first, Lost on Arrival, only has a release window of early 2019 for now. Once out, you'll be able to play Twin Mirror on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Below here is the Gamescom reveal trailer that showcases both Sam's Mind Palace and his Double, so do give that a watch if you're interested! Twin Mirror is shaping up to be a compelling mystery, and we can't wait to see it in action next year.