Unforeseen Incidents is an Upcoming Interactive Mystery about Death, Conspiracy, and Craft...

Posted by Evolve on Apr 19, 2018 | In: General News

Unforeseen Incidents is an Upcoming Interactive Mystery about Death, Conspiracy, and Craft...

Unforeseen Incidents is an upcoming adventure game that uses mystery and conspiracy as the driving force behind unraveling the truth behind a dying women's story. In this hand-painted world, players take on the role of Harper Pendrell, a handyman in a once small, quaint town. Upon meeting a dying woman in the street, a diabolical conspiracy begins to unfold. As it turns out, an unknown disease has begun spreading across the country and takes the form of a kind of chemical warfare. Harper begins a challenging investigation and finds himself teaming up with the likes of a scientist, reclusive artist, and a news reporter. Along with the rich cast of characters, Harper finds himself involved in a scheme with dangerous fanatics and ultimately must confront the nefarious causes behind the destruction of the future of humankind.

This classical-style mystery adventure is garnished with stimulating puzzles and myriad intriguing locations to sift through. With over sixty different backgrounds, hand-crafted 2D graphics, and an elaborate soundtrack, the atmosphere of Unforeseen Incidents provides the immersion of a world drenched in dark secrets. The companions that aid in guiding you through this dying world have distinct personalities, and various features that make them valuable assets. The city of Yaletown slowly begins to enforce strict quarantine laws and starts to take on a post-apocalyptic haze. Every emerging news report and newspaper warns that the so-called "Yaletown fever" is highly contagious, but most of the population has nowhere to run. Politicians begin running amok in attempts to soothe the panic that the possibility of contamination springs upon the population, but speak in empty, vacuous terms, that clearly signifies that they don't have much of a mending strategy.

Upon speaking to a doctor, Harper begins to understand that the illness is actually much graver than the public figures let on. It kills in a matter of hours, rather than days, as reported, and leaves little room for a cure to work, if found. The woman found dying on the street, while slightly incoherent, handed Harper an envelope soon before his meeting with the doctor. The two examine it and realize it's addressed to a reporter named Helen. In a journey to find the reporter, Harper travels to Buddhist Hill and realizes that the Yaletown fever was not unique to his town, and is manifesting as the same illness in all other areas. Shortly after the catastrophe begins, the streets become flooded with death, and mysterious scientists wearing yellow hazmat suits remain some of the only signs of waking life. You will eventually find yourself on a journey to the woods, and realize that even isolated, rural zones are plagued with the illness. Realizing you've managed to wrap yourself into a politically governed mess, you'll find traps set around trying to eliminate you, and a death cult following your every move.

You'll be gunned down, accused of murder, and forced to question your own allegiances, so prepare to defend yourself against anything that may come your way. Unforeseen Incidents is set to release on Steam for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux come May 24.