Unique RPG The Good Life Reaches Funding Goal On Kickstarter With A Couple Days Left In Ca...

Posted by Evolve on May 3, 2018 | In: General News

Unique RPG The Good Life Reaches Funding Goal On Kickstarter With A Couple Days Left In Ca...

Kickstarter continues to be a place where people can pitch their very unique things and try and funding for them to truly come to life. And in regards to video games, it's a boon for major titles from unique teams. When one gets funded, everyone wins, and that looks to be the case for the unique RPG called "The Good Life", for with a few days left in its campaign, it hit its funding goal.

The Good Life is being developed by SWERY and Yukio Futatsugi, as well as the teams at White Owls and G-rounding. Together, they're making a life-simulator RPG that takes some of the conventions of the genres and twists them on their head to create a very special experience.

Let's talk about the game itself. You play as Naomi, a woman who has accumulated a lot of debt. To work it off, she moves to a town called Rainy Woods in Britain. Her job is to take pictures of the people of the town and what's going on with it back to the people she owes. It sounds like an easy job, right? Well, not everything is what it seems.

For the people of Rainy Woods are some of the weirdest and craziest people you'll ever meet. But, you can't leave, so, you'll need to get to know them, and then solve the mysteries that surround Rainy Woods. It won't be easy, and you'll be shocked by what you see at times, but if you keep a level head, you'll work it out, and you'll work through your debt so you can get out.

What kind of mysteries can you expect in "The Good Life"? Well, one of them concerns a murder that happens in the town. This is odd in and of itself because Rainy Wood is labeled "The Happiest Town On Earth". Clearly, it's not. What's more, at night, which you'll experience in the game, the townspeople turn into cats and dogs. You'll have to explain that too.

Oh, and because you now live in the town, you'll transform as well. But, you will get to choose who you get to be, a cat or a dog. Take heart in that.

The more you interact with people in the town, the more you will affect things. You can even change the outcome of the game by how you interact with people. So talk to anyone and everyone, as it can lead to answers. Just don't forget, you're also trying to get rid of your debt, so you'll need to take pictures and sell them to the newspaper company you work for in order to make some cash.

This only lightly touches all that the game has to offer. The Good Life is open-world, so you can explore and do things at your own pace. The time and seasons change on their own, so it'll be like you actually live there. Add that to customizing Naomi's wardrobe, being able to buy things for yourself, and more, and you get a unique RPG experience.

And since it's being funded on Kickstarter, if you pledge to it, you'll get a reward once it's funded. So check out the Kickstarter, and see what you can get from it by supporting The Good Life. It is set to release sometime in 2019 for PS4 and Steam.