Victory At Sea Pacific, An Upcoming RTS About Commanding Naval Ships During WWII is Set to...

Posted by Evolve on Jun 10, 2018 | In: General News

Victory At Sea Pacific, An Upcoming RTS About Commanding Naval Ships During WWII is Set to...

Victory at Sea Pacific is an upcoming naval real-time strategy game set during the events of World War II. The sequel to Victory at Sea allows players to search and destroy enemy fleets through an open-world sandbox in the hopes of changing the course of history.

In a tactical game of cat and mouse, the naval warfare takes place across the world war's Pacific theatre. Players will be able to plan their own campaign, where switching between commanding the entire theater and managing the ships will lead them towards victory. Torpedoes may be fired from submarines, and your fleets, if successful, will manage to change the entire course of the war.

Developing your own narrative story within this world in hopes of winning World War II grants players the autonomy to strategize within their comfort level. The seas must be scoured in order to locate your enemy fleets and submarines will be sent to strangle their supply lines. Players are encouraged to covertly recon enemy positions and launch various large-scale amphibious assaults by air and sea according to each chosen target.

The coastal invasions that will ensue will bring together large numbers of ships that vary in craft and styles. Together, multiple fights will bring forth ships that may bombard enemy positions in an attempt to capture key objectives from each adversary. Large squadrons may be commanded, and scours may hunt for enemies if they cannot be located with ease. Your crew may be trained in and out of combat, with drills and rest periods being crucial to longevity. Their morale should be managed to ensure their intentions align with yours. Regardless of where they stand, players maintain the choice to push soldiers to their breaking point or build them up slowly as a team.

In this real-game strategy adventure, there are no levels, and there are no do-overs. Pacific warfare occurs from day one and remains until all victories have been achieved. Each engagement is highly important to the overall outcome of the war, with merciless combat setting the stage for a future of peace. Wherever it is you send your submarines matters, be it to harass enemy supply ships or a fleet of planes to hunt down for undetected threats, resources will be strained, so management must be done as to not become overzealous.

Depending on your supply chain, it may only take one ship to slip past you during the night to attack you, so ensuring your ports are defended at all times is imperative to safety. Allegiances may also be formed, where subsequent teams may plot against you, so you may need to think twice before turning your back.

There are over one hundred ship classes to choose from, which represent thousands of vessels. Dozens of types of ports and aircraft will span the Pacific ocean, coupling various strategic options as you find your place in command.

For your ticket to exciting battles on the dangerous seas during World War II, players may experience Victory at Sea Pacific for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on Steam sometime this year.