What to expect from the new Resident Evil 2 Remake

Posted by Evolve on Feb 3, 2018 | In: General News

What to expect from the new Resident Evil 2 Remake

First announced by Capcom in 2015, The Resident Evil 2 Remake has been in the works for 3 years. Although we still don't know much about the game including the release date, we have some details about the game from Mr. X on Reddit.

According to Mr. X there will be first person perspective and fixed camera angles. It seems they will be combining Resident Evil 4's over the shoulder camera angle and the old RE2's fixed camera angles into one game. Unlike RE4 though, in this game players can move when aiming and firing. Since this will come to the new gen systems, there will be no loading screens or door cutscenes. Leon and Claire will each have their story and introduction cutscenes expanded upon, such as Claire's mother receiving a letter from Chris Redfield explaining why he won't be able to see the family for awhile and this worried her. The game will take roughly 20 hours to complete since game locations have been redesigned and expanded upon. New areas and puzzles are littered throughout the game and some places like the police station, sewers, and lab each have new hidden areas and lore. The intro cutscene from the original is now a playable section that will result in Leon and Claire partnering up in a system similar to Revelations 2. You still play as both characters in their own campaigns, but they act as your partner like the newer games until they split up due to the story. There are a number of survivors that are encountered in this game but are killed in cutscenes throughout the game, such as the police chief having an affair with the mayor’s daughter in his office.

Resident Evil 2 remake

New zombies are added to the game including Crimson Heads which are creatures that didn't morph into their Licker form yet. They are not as powerful as lickers and have to be killed with fire or headshots and will eventually transform into Lickers if not killed within 20 minutes of seeing them in the game. Swat zombies wearing riot gear will be harder to kill than normal zombies and appear around the police station. The alligator was cut from the game, but Hunters, spiders, and other various creatures are still here. A new half human, half bee experimental creature is now new to the game as well a giant moth boss for Leon and a plant creature boss for Claire to kill. Mr. X will stalk both characters and will attack them both throughout the campaign randomly as he searches for Sherry's pendant with the T-Virus in it. Claire will fight William in her campaign more than Leon and Leon will fight William's offspring. Claire will fight the Nemesis in a boss battle after she has completed a certain puzzle.

You can play an Ada campaign once you beat both Leon and Claire's story. Ada has numerous cutscenes throughout the game showing you what she does as she tries to escape Raccoon City. You even can control her as you aim a rocket launcher to help Leon kill Mr. X in the main story, just like she does in RE4 when she helps him kill the last boss. Tofu is appearing in a 4th Survivor DLC, alongside HUNK. HUNK was supposed to have his own mission as he escaped Raccoon City just like Ada but it seems it might have been scrapped.

Hopefully, we will soon get a release date from Capcom for when this game comes out and maybe some in-depth game mechanics or a preview of weapons and inventory. Maybe some gameplay videos, pics or even trailers will leak down the road. In the meantime below is a gameplay video of a Resident Evil remake made by Rod Lima for everyone to wet their whistle. This is just a game that this person created before Capcom decided to remake RE2 as a learning project. Hopefully, Capcom will deliver something similar or even better! Stay tuned for any updates!