What We Know About Red Dead Redemption 2

Posted by Evolve on Feb 25, 2018 | In: General News

What We Know About Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game with a Western theme and an open world environment. It will feature a single-player campaign and an online multiplayer mode. Rockstar Games has announced the game was in the works on October of 2016. The game will be coming out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and possibly for PC down the road. As of right now, it is not releasing for PC, although some fans have been petitioning Rockstar to do so. Originally the game was supposed to release in 2017, but it has been delayed a few times. It then has gotten delayed to the first or second quarter of 2018 and now it sits at an October 26, 2018, release date.

According to Jordan King of Trusted Reviews, he claims to have received a number of alleged development notes on Red Dead Redemption 2, that reveals gameplay. Take this with a grain of salt as Rockstar themselves hasn't officially released anything besides videos and pictures.

According to Trusted Reviews notes, Red Dead Redemption 2 will have Revive and Survive, Money Grab and a Battle Royale mode. In Revive and Survive two teams try to survive within a time limit as they try to revive each other and keep each other from dying by other players and the game mechanic that kills you. Money Grab is more of capture the flag type game mode where you have to bring bags of money to your bases and keep others from getting any bags to theirs. Battle Royale Mode will most likely be like Fortnite, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, or H1Z1:King of the Hill with players thrown in a free-for-all anything goes type match.

There many types of vehicles in the game. Horses, horse-drawn carriages, minecarts, and other types of carts are some of the many types of vehicles included. You can even ride trains across long distances as well just like the previous game.

You can gather various types of items for crafting and selling, which includes plants and herbs. You can go fishing on the many bodies of water throughout the game. The fishing is very advanced and lets you use different types of bait and tackles.

In Red Dead Redemption 2 the enhanced vision that slows down gameplay in firefights called Dead Eye makes a comeback. It will be more enhanced than before and it will allow you detect animals and fish that are in the area. It is also useful to find bounty targets out in the wilderness.

From what we can see in the two official videos released by Rockstar games, we’ve pieced together some information about this upcoming game. You play the game as Arthur Morgan who is an outlaw that is part of the Van Der Linde gang. You commit crimes for the gang which involves robbing banks, stagecoaches, and even trains. Eventually, it seems the gang double crosses you or you double cross them and must fight them while being hunted by the lawmen and possibly the army

There are some new animals in the wild as well as new weapons such as a bow you can hunt with, as seen in the video of the player hunting a moose with it. The wildlife can hunt each other and most likely you as well, such as crocodile leaping out of the water to attack the pig in the video.

The graphics are very crisp and the environment effects seem top notch as you can see in the rain and water effects. One scene you can see a couple of guys wading through water while in the rain and it shows these effects. Another scene you can see lighting effects of the sun as its rays shine down on the player on horseback and another scene showing you smoke from a fire in the distance from a campsite.

Several different scenes show campsites with fires and each of them has different types of tents and shelter, so it is possible that your campsites can be customized.

From snow-capped mountainous terrain to beautiful lush landscapes to muddy swamps and hot barren deserts, this game seems to offer a multitude of different types of environments. The scenery in the trailers look very breathtaking and makes you want to immerse yourself in this game. The gunfight scenes look very intense as well and there even seems to be some type of stealth with knives and sneaking around.

Hopefully, like usual Rockstar will deliver a great game. In the upcoming months we hope to have more information about the game and maybe Rockstar will release some gameplay footage or at least tell us a bit more about Red Dead Redemption 2.