Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight is Coming to Linux if its Stretch Goal Can Be Reached on Kicks...

Posted by Evolve on May 8, 2018 | In: General News

Wild Mage: Phantom Twilight is Coming to Linux if its Stretch Goal Can Be Reached on Kicks...

Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight is an upcoming open world action-adventure role-playing game that has recently surpassed its pledged goal on Kickstarter. Raising an additional $7,000 more within the next 28 days will ensure a Linux and Mac OS X port after the initial release. Already being $20,000 over their initial pledge, it's safe to say this next stretch goal is highly attainable.

The world of Wild Mage is filled with airships, dungeons, floating islands, and next-generation combat. Most structures and terrain may be altered or destructible all together, and monsters may be dynamically chopped to pieces. Spells and abilities will be learned and adapted from lore books and creatures you come across, deeming exploration a paramount activity. The floating islands you'll be traversing are voxel-based, and no traditional leveling will be found. Taking inspiration from the world of Final Fantasy, the adventure of Zelda, and the dungeons of Diablo, Wild Mage puts a great emphasis on the atmospheric nature of its story and world design.

Players fall into the world of Etherion, which is crafted from thousands of islands that float above a dense Miasma. This mist burns off during the day and rises at night, spawning menacing creatures that continuously torment the people of Etherion. There are few safe zones located at the highest points of the islands that allow for inhabitants to take refuge. The magic that originally kept the islands afloat begins to wear off during these attacks, meaning an impending doom continuously looms over the kingdom. Adopting the role of a Wild Mage, you must act as the right-hand of the Tower of Heaven, reclaiming lost islands, delivering goods, extracting adventures, and escorting ships. The airships are the main form of transportation in Etherion, meaning they play a pivotal role in every aspect of life on the islands.

One of the most unique features regarding gameplay is the removal of traditional leveling and the lack of damage-per-second. Players will instead need to explore the terrain in order to acquire all items, and powers will be represented through physical effects rather than numeric terms. This mechanic is set to eliminate the usual predictability that comes out of character advancement, enhancing the sense of adventure. There won’t be a need or reason to grind, given this, as numbers aren’t definitive signs of growth. Whether you decide to play as a human, dwarf, elf, gnome, or fairy, you’re bound to find a play-style that works for you. There will be tons of trial and errors considering the fact that your experiences and outcomes correspond to steps you decided to take along the way. This promotes replayability but also urges you to stand your ground and learn from your decisions.

The developers over at Luna Orion don't have a set release date for Wild Mage yet and expect a full release to take some time. There is still almost a month left for funding the Kickstarter, with a Linux & Mac OS X build being the next attainable goal, and a multiplayer feature being the following addition if $60,000 can be raised. If this game seems interesting, be sure to check out the trailer for it below.