Will Kingdom Hearts 3 Have A Real Life Attraction At Disney Parks?

Posted by Evolve on Jun 27, 2018 | In: General News

Will Kingdom Hearts 3 Have A Real Life Attraction At Disney Parks?

Kingdom Hearts is a very special franchise, and has been ever since it launched on the early days of the PlayStation 2. It's a unique blend of Final Fantasy and Disney, and though it may not have felt like a success when it was first shown, the fanbase of the series has been very loyal, and they have been very patient with the franchise, especially with what seems like the eternal wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. But now that the game is dated, many are wondering if we could see even more from the game in the real world.

By that, we don't mean merchandise, because Disney and other companies have been doing a great job with that. No, we mean that fans are wondering if we could see attractions dedicated to Kingdom Hearts, maybe even some in a Disney theme park. This notion came from an annual shareholders meeting. During a Q&A session, the producer of the game, Shinji Hashimoto, was asked by an excited fan whether the possibility of a Kingdom Hearts theme park or ride was potentially possible.

This wasn't a random question for the record, Disney has made it known that they're expanding their theme parks to include new attractions and visions based on their more recent acquisitions. Toy Story, for example, has gotten a new park based on it, and Star Wars isn't far behind. So, why not Kingdom Hearts?

Apparently, this question made Hashimoto smile, perhaps because even though he's been on the franchise since 1997, he had never thought of something like this. His response was very sincere:

“Since Disney has an increasingly high regard for [Kingdom Hearts], I’d like to reach out to them and discuss this further. Sales inside Disneyland will certainly contribute to the growth of the customer base.”

Though it would be unlikely to arrive within the next year, having a Kingdom Hearts theme ride would likely be a unique addition to the parks. Kingdom Hearts 3 is doing this in reverse, by bringing in certain theme park rides from various Disney parks into the game for Sora, Donald, and Goofy to use as weapons in battle. Ones that have been shown include a carousel, a log flume ride, a blaster ride, and even Space Mountain. So imagine if Disney decided to bring Kingdom Hearts to attendees in a similar fashion.

The question would become, "How would that work". More than likely, it would be a visual experience ride, one where riders would get to go with Sora on a journey. Perhaps ride the Gummi Ship, meet Disney characters, and help fight bad guys to an extent. Plus, having cosplayers as some of the Kingdom Hearts characters wouldn't hurt either. There's a lot of potential for this.

The only real limit is how much Disney is willing to spend on the experience, and how creative they get with it. Regardless, it'll be interesting to hear what conversations go on as we draw closer to Kingdom Hearts 3's release date of January 23rd, 2019.